"Thanks very much for introducing me to Charcos Charcoal. Since starting to use it, I have seen a significant reduction in my charcoal costs. The other added benefits include higher heat output and lower ash and dust. I have also seen a reduction in the amount of ash and smoke residue on the hood system, which has made my kitchen cleaner and safer. Additionally, it has enabled me to spend less on cleaning chemicals and labour to clean up after the old, dirtier wood charcoal. My steaks and ribs taste great cooked on Charcos charcoal with less burn and ash.

Thank you again for introducing me to your product. It has been very beneficial to taste as well as being cost-saving."

- Dan Villamere - Chef, Topiary's Steak and Seafood, Mississauga, Ont



"The packaging looks good. My store manager took a box home and he said it works great. The cubes last a long time, they start easily and there is not a lot of smoke"


- Paul Johnson, General Manager, Barbecues Galore, Burlington, Ontario,  www.barbecuesgalore.ca



"I always use Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal and have always been astonished at how little ash remains behind"

- Frits - BBQ - Allrounder



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Charcos 22lb box - $15.99/box*
(regular $24)

Charcos 6.6lb box - $4.99/box*
(regular $7.5)

* Prices (in US$) are valid only with a minimum order of 10 boxes @ 22lb, or 15 boxes @ 6.6lb, shipping and tax (if applicable) is extra

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