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The Naked Whiz’s Lump Charcoal Database test results are in: Charcos™ is a Greener, Cleaner Way to BBQ

Charcos™ coconut charcoal given a highly recommended rating by the Lump Charcoal Database

Toronto, ON, July 23, 2010: The Naked Whiz’s Lump Charcoal Database put Charcos coconut charcoal to the ultimate test and Charcos came out on top. By scrutinizing price, aroma, burn time, and ash production, the Lump Charcoal Database awarded Charcos with a glowing highly recommended rating, which can be reviewed at Charcos has raised the bar in green barbecuing by offering an environmentally friendly option that easily lives up to traditional charcoal. By producing a product that in many areas outperformed those of popular brands, Charcos has discovered another way to encourage barbeque enthusiasts to live greener.

Coconut charcoal has sparked interest by environmentalists for its production methods. Rather than destroying live growth to produce charcoal, coconut brands are produced without any tree cutting. Coconut shells are used instead, and can easily be cultivated without sacrificing trees and the ecosystems that surround them.

Although at first reluctant due to the disappointing results of other coconut charcoals, the Lump Charcoal Database took on the challenge of running Charcos’ product through a rigorous series of barbecue tests. These included a chimney starter test, maximum temperature test, and an open kettle grill test. In each situation, Charcos was noted for a sweet aroma that “you almost want to burn [this] in your house like incense” according to

During the open kettle grill test, Charcos was placed up against traditional Kingsford and Wicked Good charcoal briquettes. While coconut charcoal in general has been striving to live up to traditional briquettes, Charcos is among the first to perform exceptionally well when compared directly to non-coconut brands. After a solid thirty minutes of continuous burning, Charcos was noted as maintaining a higher temperature than the other charcoals.

Charcos comes packaged in neat squares which helped reduce the likeliness of breakage during shipment and storing. The Naked Whiz stated that “there was virtually no charcoal lost to damage as there was very little powder in the bottom of each bundle.” Not only is Charcos greener to produce, but it also allows consumers to use every last piece of charcoal rather than losing some to broken pieces and scratched briquettes. Each pound purchased is going to wind up in the grill or chimney rather than on the ground or in the trash.

Other portions of the Lump Charcoal Database pointed out a number of other beneficial characteristics offered by Charcos coconut charcoal. Even after a duration of burning, when most charcoal becomes fragile and begins to break, Charcos held its original shape well even when the briquettes were stirred. The reputation of coconut charcoal has started to improve in the eyes of grilling enthusiasts thanks to Charcos’ improvements. also noted that the Charcos briquettes offered the highest burn time of any coconut charcoal the site has ever reviewed. Even when compared to traditional lump charcoal brands, the results of Charcos burn tests were extremely positive.

High ash production is another common problem some charcoal brands suffer from, especially in the world of lump charcoal and charcoal briquettes. Charcos holds its shape so well that dust and ash production stays at a minimum throughout burning as well.

A high rating by the Lump Charcoal Database means much more than a good reputation for Charcos. It also means they offer a product that is available all year round and can help encourage families to lower their impact on the environment. Rather than sacrificing the beloved backyard barbecue, we can learn how to grill cleaner with Charcos coconut charcoal!

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