A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Products for Grilling

When we talk about environmentally friendly products, there is much debate about whether gas or charcoal is the more environmentally friendly way to grill. After all, gas uses a precious resource that is not easily sustainable, but burning charcoal releases some nasty toxins into the air. Neither option is particularly attractive to anyone who wants to become eco-friendly in everything they do, but grilling is, quite frankly, an addictive and tasty way to prepare food. Thankfully there are plenty of environmentally friendly products that do put grilling back on the activity list for every eco-conscious person.


How to use charcoal as environmentally friendly product to help you grilling the foods?


  • First, let’s start with the grill. If you really take the time to look at the science, you will discover that a charcoal or wood grill is the most eco-friendly way to go. It’s true that charcoal grills release double the amount of carbon that gas grills do, but when you look at entire cycle of the grilling experience, charcoal grills win out if you use them properly. In general, a charcoal grill ends up being about carbon net neutral because of a number of factors.

  • Now that you’ve got the grill, let’s go to the lighter fluid. This is one toxin you definitely don’t need to be burning, so just skip the lighter fluid. A much more environmentally friendly product to use in this case is a charcoal chimney or charcoal starter. These products use airflow and science to actually help you start the fire and keep it burning.

  • When it comes to the charcoal, be sure to avoid ordinary charcoal briquettes like the plague. They are the reason so many people believe that charcoal grilling is actually bad for the environment. Instead opt for an environmentally friendly product like Charcos, which is a coconut shell charcoal. This product releases almost no smoke into the air, and it is an entirely sustainable product because trees are not being cut down to produce it. Instead, we just pick up the coconuts year after year, just taking steps to maintain the same trees so that they will continue to produce coconuts.

  • Finally, take some time out when planning your menu. If you can get away with it, opt for chicken or fish rather than beef and include plenty of veggies on the grill. A grill is a great way to add some incredible flavor to vegetables that otherwise had a bad name because people think they don’t taste good.


Of course there are also other elements of selecting environmentally friendly products for the grill. Menu planning can be environmentally friendly on many different levels. Aside from changing what you put on the grill, you can also take care to purchase grass fed meat and organic produce only. Just keep in mind that grass fed meat tends to be leaner and can burn much more easily with the more environmentally friendly grilling materials like coconut shell.


Charcos offers environmentally friendly products for your next barbecue. Their coconut shell briquettes burn much more evenly, which makes grilling a breeze. They also produce much less ash than other products that are commonly used for grilling. In addition, they don’t even need complete air flow to smolder evenly, so they are probably the easiest grilling product you will ever use.


Another bonus of using Charcos is the fact that they don’t flame up when barbecue sauce or other juices drip into them. You are free to enjoy the grilling experience and all of that tasty food. In order to use Charcos, you do need a charcoal chimney starter. Other than that, just use a lighted newspaper to transfer flame in, and you’ll be grilling away in no time! Charcos is one of the best environmentally friendly products out there, which must be owned by your family.

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