Greener Charcoal Barbecues are Better

If you’re an outdoorsy person and like to grill out, there’s a new, greener option over the traditional briquette or lump charcoal barbecue. Charcos™ is coconut shell charcoal, produced from cocos-nucifera tree, which can be found abundantly throughout thousands of Indonesian islands.


If you’re concerned about the ozone layer, protecting the environment and integrating a greener style of living into your life, this ecological charcoal barbecue is perfect for you. Not a single tree needs to be

cut down to make Charcos™. In fact, this charcoal of the future may induce mass-cultivation of the cocos-nucifera tree in Indonesia, and in turn, helps the preservation of the rainforest.


The name “Charcos” is an acronym, of char (converting charcoal by heat) and “cos” from coconut shell. Indonesians have used the coconut husks for centuries, as a natural raw material for handicrafts, an alternative or supplement to traditional lump charcoal. As Charcos™ is now available in North America, you can use the best type of coconut shell charcoal found in the market.


Not only that Charcos™ blocks are safer for the environment, but they also make your charcoal barbecue more economical and easier to use than using lump charcoal. One kilogram (just over 2-pounds) of Charcos™ coconut shell bricks cooks a little over six-pounds of meat, as compared to two kilogram of traditional charcoal required to cook the same quantity of meat.


Additional benefit to using Charcos™ over lump kind in your charcoal barbecue is the reduced grill clean-up time and efforts. Charcos™ produces very little ash, so cleaning up your charcoal barbecue is a cinch and there is no need to knock it off to maintain your cooking temperature. Since Charcos™ embers do not flare up when roasting meat drips, you can safely use marinades and sauces.


You may think coconut shell charcoal would be more difficult to start and use than the traditional kind used in most charcoal barbecues, but that is not the case with Charcos™. The absence of chemicals or additives does not necessary mean it is harder to start the charcoal. Following three simple steps shown on the packaging or website, you can light the coconut shell charcoal just as fast and easy as traditional ones.


When you’re ready to purchase Charcos™100% natural charcoal, you can use the online store or choose your hometown store from a list on their interactive website. There’s even a list of specifications comparing price and characteristics of the top coconut shell charcoals on the market. Charcos™ is available in Toronto and other areas in Canada, including the USA.

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Charcos 22lb box - $15.99/box*
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Charcos 6.6lb box - $4.99/box*
(regular $7.5)

* Prices (in US$) are valid only with a minimum order of 10 boxes @ 22lb, or 15 boxes @ 6.6lb, shipping and tax (if applicable) is extra

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