Four Reasons You Should Go Green with Your Charcoal Starter

Going green is a real trend these days, but many people forget about things like their charcoal starter when they are looking to be environmental in their living. You don’t need to use harsh chemicals to get a fire started in your grill. Today there are many options in charcoal starters that are much more earth-friendly. The issue some people have with green and organic products, especially cleaners, is the effectiveness of achieving the desirable results. Nevertheless, the good news about selecting for

charcoal starter is that this isn’t a problem.


Here are four reasons you should choose a green charcoal starter:

  1. Avoid chemicals. Think for a moment about what happens when you pour lighter fluid over that regular charcoal. Then as you light the charcoal, the heat rises up and touches your food. Why would you want to cook your food with chemicals when you can do it naturally with a green charcoal starter? A chimney charcoal starter lifts the charcoal up and spaces it out in a natural way that makes it easier to actually light the charcoal. All you need is a crumbled up piece of newspaper to get that charcoal smoldering.
  2. No flare-ups. What happens when you pour lighter fluid on charcoal and then light it? If you’ve ever had to add more lighter fluid, you’ve seen the huge flare-ups that can occur, and this is due to the fact that you’re using chemicals. When you light your charcoal naturally with a chimney charcoal starter, you aren’t putting yourself at risk for serious burns because you don’t have to deal with these big flare-ups.
  3. Save money. Of course a bottle of lighter fluid isn’t very expensive, but when you space out several bottles of light fluid over several years, it does add up. Compare that with the amount you spend on a good chimney charcoal starter, and you do end up saving money.
  4. Save the environment. A charcoal starter definitely saves the environment because you aren’t supporting companies that make the lighter fluid chemicals. You aren’t buying plastic bottles, which require manufacturing and petroleum products to make in most cases. A charcoal starter is just green all the way around.


Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal is the perfect organic charcoal well suited to be considered as green charcoal starter. You can save trees and avoid undesirable use of chemicals for cooking at the same time. The Charcos™ organic charcoal keeps the entire process green by allowing you to easily light your organic charcoal without lighter fluid. Charcos™ is available in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada, and the USA ( and Charcos™ online store).

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