Charcos™ Has Improved the Way We Look at Lump Charcoal

Most people do not associate lump charcoal with the green movement. In fact, some realize the environmental damage that is done by traditional lump charcoal production, and prefer to avoid grilling altogether. Charcos™ has finally brought a new way to grill while staying in harmony with our Mother Earth. Families in Canada and America are quickly discovering the benefits of switching to coconut charcoal.


A Means of Conserving the Trees

From Toronto to other cities within Canada and the US , more and more families choose to live greener. Charcos™ coconut charcoal provides those families with a better way to cook out. Coconut charcoal is produced by using the shells of coconuts. The process used to create this natural fuel alternative requires absolutely no tree cutting. That means we can continue enjoying our favorite backyard barbecue recipes, while at the same time conserving the trees. Thanks to Earth-conscious consumers!


A Better Coconut Charcoal

In the past, coconut charcoal had a lot of ground to cover to live up to the expectations of traditional lump charcoal brands. Many BBQ enthusiasts were turned off by the fact that coconut shell charcoal did not perform as long and well as standard lump charcoal. Charcos™ has successfully raised the bar of coconut charcoal and brought a superior quality briquettes to the market, surpasses most of the standards set by common lump charcoal brands.


In fact, the lump charcoal database put Charcos™ to the test against traditional charcoal. The result was rave reviews in favor of Charcos™! The briquettes burned hotter and were able to maintain heat just as long as standard varieties. The sweet scent of coconut even helped improve the cooking atmosphere to make coconut a preferred choice for many families.


Use More, Discard Less

The density and shape of Charcos™ charcoal also means less ends up discarded at the bottom of the package. You actually get all the charcoal you paid for, whether your order is being shipped to Canada or the USA. Grill greener and enjoy the sweet smell of coconut with Charcos™ briquettes!

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Charcos 22lb box - $15.99/box*
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Charcos 6.6lb box - $4.99/box*
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* Prices (in US$) are valid only with a minimum order of 10 boxes @ 22lb, or 15 boxes @ 6.6lb, shipping and tax (if applicable) is extra

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