Charcos™ Coconut Shell Charcoal: Environmental Grilling

You may not think of coconut shell charcoal when you come up with ways to preserve nature, yet that is exactly what this special briquette does. The things we do every day can begin to significantly impact the environment around us. That is why Charcos™ urges everyone to grill green with coconut shell charcoal.


An Improved Product that Meets and Exceeds Expectations

In the past, coconut shell charcoal has not always managed to live up to the expectations of standard brands. Today, Charcos™ is poised to change that. We offer quality coconut shell charcoal that burns hot and lasts throughout the barbecue. In fact, our coconut shell charcoal has been put to the test by the Naked Whiz’s and came out on top even when compared to many well-known traditional charcoal brands. (see Lump Charcoal Database for a complete review).


What Makes Charcos™ Coconut Shell Charcoal Environmentally Friendly?

Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal is considered because of the way it is made, or rather the way it isn’t made! Traditionally, charcoal production requires the demolition of many trees which are then used to create this popular grilling fuel. Charcos™ instead utilizes coconut shells which can be harvested without harming a single tree. By using the coconut shell instead of the actual tree, Charcos™ has effectively created a product that works the same but doesn’t damage the Earth. The best part is that when you grill with our coconut shell charcoal, you also get that sweet aroma that only good quality of coconut can produce.


Start Grilling Green Today!

The old family barbecue has been a favorite event for many people. Charcos™ has made it possible to continue enjoying this pastime while living green. Our coconut shell charcoal is now available in North America. Each briquette is sturdy and you wind up with more fuel in your grill as waste from broken pieces and dust are very minimal.


Centuries ago, the Indonesian people discovered that coconuts could be used for many purposes, including the production of heat for cooking. We have taken that concept and perfected it. Give coconut charcoal a try and find out why so many people are turning to Charcos™ for their green grilling fuel.


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