Why Barbecuing with Charcos™ is Better

Because of its unique manufacturing process, barbecuing with Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal is more economical, cleaner and easy to use than traditional lump / wood charcoal or standard briquettes.

Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal burns at 7,000 kilocalories. With relatively stable heat created over approximately 2 – 2.5 hours duration, family barbecuing becomes more convenient, enjoyable, and more economical as less charcoals needed for replenishment during cooking.

Unlike typical lump charcoal or briquettes of varying shape, Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal is in a reliable, rectangular block format; allowing consistently high quality and compact packaging. The sturdy square packaging helps alleviate dust and chips due to friction during transport and minimizes broken pieces in every box.

The unique manufacturing process of Charcos™ allows the charcoal embers to produce very little, to no smoke, and no more than 4% ash waste is produced when all the embers are burned completely; approximately after 2 - 2.5 hours. Additionally, barbecuing with Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal, which has a very low content of volatile matter, ensures that soot formation, if any, will be minimal. This in turn reduces the cleaning time considerably.

Charcos™ easy-to-use coconut shell briquettes do not require air-flow to smolder evenly, or physical contact with other live embers to remain vigorous. This is a great advantage to those who have a small hibachi-type grill with limited space, or may wish to grill in smaller portions. It is an excellent improvement for those who need to grill or smoke at a sustained temperate as the embers will still provide high heat consistently when spread evenly under the surface of the grill.

This method of coal distribution makes barbecuing with Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal more efficient and less worrisome than the traditional placement of lump or briquette coals, and helps provide you with not only an environmentally-friendly product, but an economical and user-friendly one as well.

In addition, the Charcos™ boxes are easy to handle. The 10kilogram box is supplied with a convenient carrying strap; and due to the compact nature and cubical shape of the charcoal, both box sizes would free up over 50% of your storage space, as compared to the space required with traditional bag packaging.

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Charcos 22lb box - $15.99/box*
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Charcos 6.6lb box - $4.99/box*
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* Prices (in US$) are valid only with a minimum order of 10 boxes @ 22lb, or 15 boxes @ 6.6lb, shipping and tax (if applicable) is extra

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