Charcos™ Specifications

Coconut Shell Charcoal


The characteristics of charcoal vary from one product to another. Charcoal variation results in different burning times, odor, and ash produced. Nevertheless, it is a common misconception that all charcoal is roughly the same.


The following table shows a comparison of characteristics from a few popular coconut shell charcoals available in the market currently.


Specifications CharcosTM aFire * Kamado 2009 * Kothur *
Moisture 4-8% 7.6% 10.2% 4.96%
Volatile Matter 12-17% n/a n/a 17.91%
Fixed Carbon 72-82% n/a n/a 72.24%
2-3% 9.4% 33.8% 4.89%
Est. Retail Price/lb (in Can$) excl. tax & shipping 0.99 1.7 n/a 1.10

* Source from the websites of Naked Whiz and Kothur Inc.

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