How to Barbecue with Charcos™

Depending on air exposure and the type of barbecue grill you will be using, one kilogram of Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal (about 33 briquettes) roughly provides the same cooking “power” as produced by 2 or 2 ½ kilograms of traditional lump charcoal.

One kilogram of Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal is sufficient to cook roughly a little over 6 lbs of meats.

Lighting coconut-shell charcoal, especially purely natural charcoals with no chemicals or additives introduced for easier and quicker lighting, normally takes a little longer than the average lump charcoal. However, by following the proper lighting technique using a charcoal chimney starter as below, lighting Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal will be as simple as lighting other type of charcoal.

Three simple steps to light Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal:


  1. Place at the bottom of the chimney between 3-5 donut-shaped rolled-up sheets of newspaper with a diameter the same as the chimney. TIP: A hole in the middle of the circle ensures hot air will rise to light the coals faster.
  2. Depending on the size of the chimney, fill the chimney with Charcos™ coals accordingly.
  3. Light the newspaper with a match. As the warm air rises, the flame created become a blazing furnace to light Charcos™. Wait for approximately 15-20 minutes before Charcos™ becomes ready to be poured and spread out evenly in one layer under your grilling area for cooking.


Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal produces very little ash. You should disturb your briquettes minimally, and should not need to stir and knock off ash to maintain a consistent temperature. A side benefit of this is a cleaner grill and less clean-up effort.

Apply your favorite all-natural marinade with confidence! Charcos™coconut shell charcoal will not flame when roasting meat drips onto the embers while grilling, or even when applying your favourite BBQ sauce on your food while grilling, provided Charcos™ is evenly spread (not stacked) over a solid surface. No flare-up saves you time and ensures your meat is roasted, not burned --- allowing you to serve an eye-appealing naturally flavorful meal.

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