Advantages of Charcos™

Produce exceptionally delicious barbecue meals and go green each and every time you use Charcos™.

Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal briquettes produce high heat and consistent temperatures, are odourless, have no chemical additives, are flameless and produce minimal ash.

Not one tree is cut to produce Charcos™ coconut shell charcoal because it is harvested from coconut husks and shells. A chemistry-free process throughout all steps of production ensures a superior quality of eco-friendly charcoal which helps preserve the natural flavours of your food without leaving any unwanted odour.

Does your charcoal compare? Choose Charcos™ over traditional lump / wood charcoal and briquettes for barbecue:


  • Made of 100% sustainable natural resources - Environmentally-conscious initiative towards promoting a greener earth, while enjoying outdoor cooking.
  • Longer burn hours (over two times longer compared to traditional lump/wood charcoal) - Not only providing an economic advantage to users, but also less frequency and handling is needed to replenish charcoal during cooking.
  • Homogenous heat throughout - Cooking becomes more manageable and the food is cooked evenly.
  • Flameless - The absence of flames due to flare up from oil and fat drips on the charcoal during cooking will ensure that food is roasted, instead of burned; providing a healthy, mouth-watering appearance to the cooked food produced.
  • Odourless with no chemical additives - Helps preserve the natural flavours of the food without leaving any unwanted smell.
  • Minimal ash - Keeps the cooking area clean and requires less effort for clean-up.
  • Minimal sparks - Minimal to no sparks during lighting and cooking.
  • Requires less storage - Due to regular brick-shape of the charcoal and conveniently transported in a sturdy carton box.


It tastes great going green! Whether grilling or smoking, you’ll be barbecuing like a Pro making consistently mouth-watering naturally delicious barbeque meals each and every time you use Charcos™.

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Charcos 22lb box - $15.99/box*
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Charcos 6.6lb box - $4.99/box*
(regular $7.5)

* Prices (in US$) are valid only with a minimum order of 10 boxes @ 22lb, or 15 boxes @ 6.6lb, shipping and tax (if applicable) is extra

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